Lessons in Love: Sant Egidio Nigeria identifies with the elderly

The joy of over 80 elderly and young persons knew no bound yesterday in Lagos when a non governmental organization known as Sant Egidio shared meal with them as well as had some good time with them.

The elderly who were drawn from the different part of Lagos state converged on No 2, Oweh street, Jibowu Lagos .

Investigation revealed that the elderly in attendance were between the ages of 65-70 while the youngsters who also attended were within the age bracket of 25- 40

Most of the elderly in attendance, it was learnt are jobless and have resorted to their fate while some are amongst them are engaged in petty business to keep hope alive.

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Welcoming the guests, the Responsible of the Lagos State chapter of Sant Egidio Nigeria, Mrs. Kate Adebowale, noted that the gesture was in line with the objectives of Sant Egidio. Her words” Our focus is to pay attention more to the elderly through LONG LIVE THE ELDERLY PROJECT”

According to Adebowale, “We want to build friendship with them. For now we will convey them in the community house once a month to pray and share food with them for about 2month. After which we will identifly the regular once among them. Then we will visit them at home so we can build a one on one friendship with them.

One of the elderly, Mrs Ebun, expressed gratitude for the gesture, praying God to continue to bless the Community so as to do more for humannity, according to her, she has found new friendship with the community of sant Egidio.


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